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the first "tenants" of la Bocagère

May 9th 2022

I am particularly fond of birds, a childhood memory shared with my father.
Encouraging them to settle in the walnut grove of this "nature" cottage was an obvious choice. This is why I placed two nesting boxes at the end of the winter. Then I kept an eye on them...

Until the beginning of May, when I discovered an incessant ballet around the smallest of the nesting boxes. Chickadees have taken up residence there!
I am delighted to welcome them as my first "tenants" of La Bocagère!

The first hays are made in Pouzalgues

May 9th 2022

At the beginning of May, the meadows are already rich with high, luxuriant, flowering grass.
The beautiful sunny days motivate the local farmers to bring out the agricultural machines. The grass is cut (mowed), then wilted for a complete drying. Then, it is grouped in swaths (as in the photo), before being formed into bales that will go to the storage sheds, waiting for the winter to feed the animals. I particularly like this atmosphere where you can see the men working the fields, where nature takes on soft and warm colours, where the air takes on the scent of freshly cut grass. The fields change colour, waiting for regrowth and certainly for a second cut.

La Bocagère
Brigitte Herbille
46500 Thégra, Lot, France

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Nature cottage

Certified Refuges LPO
in the heart of the Natural Park
of the Causses du Quercy

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